Installation principle

The single-stage installation is made on the basis of a vertical pipe evaporator with a falling liquid film.
River (sea) water after filtration (hereinafter referred to as the initial solution) with a salt concentration of up to 30 g/l and a temperature of about 20-30 °C is supplied to the evaporator with a falling film of liquid E, where it is evaporated. Evaporated solvent flows into the container of concentrate CT. The process of evaporation of water from the solution in the installation is carried out under vacuum (vacuum).
Heating water from an external source is supplied to the intertubular space of the heating chamber of the evaporator E, providing evaporation of moisture from the solution.
From the evaporator E, the secondary steam is discharged into the water-cooled condenser from the condenser and the distillate dt is drained from the Condenser, from where the DP pump is pumped for further use.

The steam-air mixture from condenser C is continuously pumped out by the wvp water-ring vacuum pump.
The required amount of distillate (desalinated water) is maintained by regulating the flow of heating water.

Installation diagram


Technical characteristics of the units



Evaporative unit ТДУ 20 


Unit ТДУ 20 

TDU 01



 Three-stage plant with a capacity of 7.5 t/h for desalinated water 





 The installation with capacity of 20 kg/h of desalinated water

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