Special offer for mining

Installation to convert the energy of the sun into electricity to power computer devices (25 kW) bypassing high voltage consists of the following basic elements:

1. Mast-type structure with a parabolic solar concentrator with a diameter of 11 meters.
2. Stirling-type heat engine attached to the mast in the vicinity of the focal distance of the parabolic concentrator.
3. Synchronous type generator on one shaft with Stirling motor with 13V output voltage and output voltage regulator.
4. Diode rectifier of Bridge type rectifying the alternating voltage taken from the synchronous generator.
5. Rechargeable battery with sufficient capacity to work without reducing the voltage in the absence of feeding during 8 hours with the energy output of 25 kW / h.
Estimated cost of 1 CSP unit of 25 kW is 68.500 EUR/ or 167 Si14 Token

Unit cost! kW = 2.740 EUR (unit cost)/ 108.000 hours (operating time) = 0.0253 EUR/kW

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