Our company is planning to become an international power generation company. In the arsenal of the company, there are unique developments and technologies that have no analogs in the world. The high turbulence in the cryptocurrency mining market has shown its instability.

Si14 Solar offers an alternative cryptocurrency mining solution!

Si14 Solar is mining electricity and then selling it to the governments of different countries. No risk, no volatility. Electricity has been and will continue to be used all over the world. Electricity has been and will continue to be used and paid for worldwide! In the Si14 AG division, you are invited to become part of our power generating company. Si14 AG has a number of contracts with states of different countries for the sale of the generated electricity in the grid.

We offer every investor to buy at least 1 CSP plant and put it into the power generating network and receive dividends for 40 years.
The payback period of 1 CSP plant is 3 to 7 years depending on the region where your plant is installed.

Dividend guarantees for the private investor or how private investments in Si14 Solar work:

The main forms of investment in the Si14 Solar program are the purchase of a 25KW CSP installation (where the investor will be the beneficiary) - then the total number of installations needed for the project is generated. Until then, the investor waits until a common pool of plants is formed to enter the grid.

After the total number of applications has been collected, the investor receives the documents of title, the contract, and the invoice for the payment of the equipment. Si14 AG proceeds to the fabrication of the installations and further installation of the solar power plant in the country where the contract for the sale of electricity is concluded.

The investor will own the plant, which will be leased to Si14 AG. In return, Si14 AG will provide access to the metering and generation system of the installation.

Requirements for the investor:

- Age of the investor - from 18 years old
- Minimum contract amount - $65,000 = 1 CSP installation of 25 KW
- Term of contract - 120 months
- Document execution within 20 working days in Si14 Solar office
- Reporting quarterly
- The contract is transferable by right of succession

Investment process

The investor receives detailed information from an authorized SI14 AG consultant about the essence, characteristics, risks, and procedures of the Si14 Solar program.
The employee draws up and forwards the investor's documents to the managers of Si14 AG, who review the given application for participation.
The completed investor documents are sent to the headquarters of the Si14 AG, and the application process for the CSP plant (where the investor is the beneficiary of the sale of electricity) begins.

The order of investing in the Si14 Solar program is schematic:

  • Investor selects an investment project
  • Investor makes a contract with Si14 AG (contract about the moment when 100% of CSP installations are needed for the project)
  • Investor submits a purchase order for a CSP installation (beneficiary investor)
  • Si14 AG attracts buyers for 100% of the project (a solar plant from 2 MW)
  • After closing the pool of buyers, the Investor transfers to the account of Si14 AG the funds for the CSP installation.
  • Investor receives in accordance with the timing and amount of investment interest specified in the contract.

Documents (on request)   

  • Contract with the Ministry of Energy
  • Long term land lease agreement  
  • EU Green Energy Pact
  • Government guarantees


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