Dear Investors! Si14 Solar has a number of contractual relationships with various countries to integrate Si14Solar into the grid and further sell electricity to public and private entities. We present you with an example of a summary of an investment project.

To date, Si14 Solar has entered into agreements in the following countries:

  • Cabo Verde
  • Angola
  • Fiji
  • Palau
  • Mongolia
  • Pakistan (full list on request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

These government agencies are interested in the project and contribute to the development of the investment climate for institutional investors


General information
CSP installation in Bavaria. CSP (Concentrated solar power) - concentrated solar power.
Legal form of the project
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Brief business description
Installation of a 20 MW CSP power plant in Bavaria.
The estimated value of the company EUR 32.000.000 - CSP system
Project description
Installation of a CPS power plant supported by the European Union Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2017) with a capacity of 20MW
Description of business idea
Under the auspices of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2017) and with the approval of the Bavarian State Ministry of Energy, it was decided to establish a CSP power plant with a total capacity of 20 MW in Bavaria. The government provides access to the Bavarian electricity grid with the option of selling electricity to the state at a price of 0.08 EUR to 0.25 EUR per kW.
A brief description of the market and opportunities
The EU pays for "green energy" + 10% of the total billing grid, dating companies engaged in the development of the power grid. Market capacity for 2018 - is a capacity shortage - about 400 MW.

Possible analogs, competitors
- competitive technologies or existing solutions to the same problem NVT Ltd, United Sun Systems Ltd.
Project risks Political risks.
Stepwise investments
1) The investor concludes a contract with Si14 Solar for the purchase of CSP units (25 kW - price from 40.000 Euro)
2) Si14 Solar commences manufacturing the CSP (period up to 60 calendar days)
3) Si14 Solar installs and connects the CSP to the Bavarian electricity grid (1 kW = EUR 0.08 to 0.25 EUR).
4) Investor has online access to billing meters for electricity production
5) The investor receives a monthly payment from Si14 Solar for the investor's natural/legal person on the basis of the electricity production meter.

Submission of documents to Si14 Solar
1) License of Si14 Solar as a power generating company
2) Land Allocation Agreement with the Government of Bavaria
3) Title documents of Si14 Solar
4) Agreement with Bavarian Power Grid for the purchase of electricity
5) Due diligence of Si14 Solar
6) Auditor's report by Si14 Solar
7) Comfort letters from EU, Banks, CCI

Statistics of electricity generation in Bavaria
The formula for calculating the cost of selling 1kW of electricity in Bavaria consists of the following figures:
- Number of sunny days per year.
- The intensity of the sun's rays

An example of how the sales price per kWh is calculated.
0.10 EUR (Bavarian weighted average sales price per kW) * 9 (number of sunny hours/day)* 270 (number of sunny days in Bavaria) = 243 EUR/year (1 kW) * 25 (CSP installation - 25 kW) = 6.075 EUR/year
CSP installation life time at least 25 years = 10.950 * 25 = 151.875 EUR The following are the statistics for solar days in Bavaria:
Volume and structure of the required investments Working capital of EUR 32.000.000
Offer to investor
Provide an investment of EUR 32.000.000 to fully cover the land plot in Bavaria.
The objective of the investment Establishment of a CSP power plant.
Ownership structure prior to investment Private
Ownership structure after investments Private
Investor composition, shares, and forms of participation in the Project
The investor receives green bonds Si14 Solar, contract for operating the plant for at least 25 years. EU contract for electricity consumption.
Main conditions of the transaction (shares/shares/debt) 49% investor participation (with 32.000.000 EUR coverage)
Investment tranches
As soon as the production of CSP systems is loaded (as agreed)
Tranches execution terms Delays in tranches will cause delays in the project.

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