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Si14 Solar ECO Energy today!

Si14 Solar is an innovator in the solar energy system.
Energy. Without it, there is no life on earth.

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Si14 Solar CSP Energy stations

Our mission - put into practice all the existing technologies for the development of solar energy and make it accessible to any consumer anywhere in the world in any volume required.

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Si14 Solar Operates in the energy market.

The basis of the installation for generating electricity from thermal energy of the sun is the tandem of the Stirling engine and an asynchronous generator.

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Si14 Solar Eco Energy

Si14 Solar today!

Si14 Solar is not only engaged in the development and implementation of CSP systems (solar power plants) but also financial models that allow states to obtain green energy at competitive prices. Funds to create additional capacity for your country's energy system are proposed as follows: With state support from your country, implement a program to install a "Green CSP power plant." This possibility is achieved through the issue of "Green Eurobonds".

Green Eurobonds will be classified as emerging markets, which allows you to effectively attract funds into the country. To date, Si14 AG has a relationship with HSBC Holdings plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co. which underwrites the issue of "Green Eurobonds". With your country's government support and appropriate guarantees, banks will be ready to issue Green Eurobonds. The obligation on these Eurobonds will not exceed 5% per annum.

Dear investors! Our company is open to direct investment in the project. Si14Solar has innovative developments that require investment in the project. Si14 AG is going to IPO in 2026. Today you have the opportunity to invest in the project of the future. Our specialists will be happy to introduce you to the implemented projects, developments, and directions that require investments.

Si14 AG Holding plans to issue 3.000.000, dividend shares. The private sale price until 2023 is 110 USD per share of the company. The planned dividend for the shares is at least 36% per annum. Si14 AG's holding includes about 5 businesses in different areas of business..

Installation to convert the energy of the sun into electricity to power computer devices (25 kW) bypassing high voltage consists of the following basic elements:

- Mast-type structure with a parabolic solar concentrator with a diameter of 11 meters.

- Stirling-type heat engine attached to the mast in the vicinity of the focal distance of the parabolic concentrator.

- Synchronous type generator on one shaft with Stirling motor with 13V output voltage and output voltage regulator.

- Diode rectifier of Bridge type rectifying the alternating voltage taken from the synchronous generator.

- Rechargeable battery with sufficient capacity to work without reducing the voltage in the absence of feeding during 8 hours with the energy output of 25 kW / h. 

Estimated cost of 1 CSP unit of 25 kW is 68.500 EUR/ or 167 Si14 Token Unit cost! kW = 2.740 EUR (unit cost)/ 108.000 hours (operating time) = 0.0253 EUR/kW

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Why Us

Now that humanity has moved away from the boundaries of survival and moved into the area of ​​excess wealth, it is time to think about an environmentally friendly way for further development and, first of all, obtaining energy, which is now mainly obtained by burning oil, gas, coal ...

We see a solution to the problem every day - the sun, an inexhaustible source of energy for the Earth for several billion years, has been supplying it with such an amount of energy that just converting it with available technologies for today from a 500 km to 500 km desert site is enough to supply all of humanity electricity.

We have the technology and patents to make this world a cleaner place.


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Investments in Si14

Si14 Solar, a division of Si14 AG, an international holding company, has successfully installed CSP systems in many countries. Our company has its in-house production facility in China and a Laboratory in Nuremberg, Germany. The official legal entity of Si14 Solar is AkorDirekt GmbH.

Si14 Solar has a large number of green energy developments requiring large investments. Our group of companies is planning an IPO in 2026.

The model of interaction with an investor is as follows: Si14 Solar has contractual relationships with states of various countries. Si14 AG has concluded contracts for the sale of electricity. The investor invests in the construction of CSP power plants and becomes its owner. The warranty period is 30 years. The payback period of the investment is 3-7 years, depending on the region of electricity sales. If you are interested in the investment you can send a request to info@si14solar.de for more information.

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